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Pre-Fabricated House



HKBC is aiming Pre-Fabricated House market. To reach our target: supply and build ONE MILLION houses in next TEN years, Pre-fabricated House will be our main product.

HKBC will design and build the most economical prefab house for Africa market. Helping Wanaichi (ordinary people) own their house is HKBC’s STRONG WILL.

With 10 years experience in the East Africa market, we know what African need, what materials are available in the market, and the most important, we have the self-make Wall Panel, we believe we can deliver the best to our customers.

The most competitive models are being designed at the time being.
We are working with the leading Chinese pre-fabricated house manufacturers to make sure we can get the latest technologies from world.
Local Prefabricated Model Houses:
2 bedroom house A
                                                                            2 Bedroom House Special introductory Price Ksh 1,250,000/=*
2 bedroom house option B
                                                                                                           2 Bedroom House Option B Special Introductory Price Ksh 1,750,000/=*
 cottage model

3 bedroomed low cost unit option A



3 bedroom house Special Introductory Price Ksh 2,950,000/=*


3 bedroomed low cost unit option B



3 Bedroom House Special Introductory Price Ksh 2,950,000/=*

Imported Prefab AImported Prefab B
Imported Prefab CImported Prefab D
Imported Prefab E

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