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Hong Kong Building Center has started dealing with vehicles, where we are primarily involved in assembling trucks and other vehicles related to construction. We mainly deal with a variety of vehicles like SUVs, Trucks and Pickups, Three wheelers and other different types of construction vehicles. One can be assured of high quality, productivity and availability of a truck in Kenya from us.

The assembly of vehicles by HKBC started in Nairobi, from the month of January 2015. HKBC ensures efficiency and performance from these products. HKBC has started assembling and selling big three wheeler in Kenya. HKBC has a subsidiary named HK Motors, Kenya, where trucks are sold.

As suppliers of these vehicles, we continue to fulfill the needs of the customers in Africa, by providing different models of vehicles of high durability. The parts of the vehicle are assembled by a high quality body maker in Kenya. The vehicles are thoroughly checked; regardless whichever option you select that suits your needs.

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