Wall Panel

New technology, new trend of wall construction in the future!


Works faster and easier

  • Two experienced workers can install 50 - 80 Sqm wall per day.
  • Saves 10 - 45% time for project completion, get your rent faster.
  • Clean and with minimum on site wastage.
  • Less weight, save energy.

Cost effective


solid panel




  • No plastering needed, less transport cost, less labour cost.
  • Space saving: 2 run feet wall can save more than 1 Square foot space!
  • Reduce weight of the building, save structural investment from beginning!
  • Complete project faster, reduce paying loan interest.

Fire proof, water proof, whole building earth-quake resistant factor increase because of wall weight reduce more than 75%.

Long life
It can last over 80 years.

Easy to work
It’s cement based, easy to be combined with cement mortar, adhesive, filler, paint, gypsum powder etc. It can be nailed, can be cut by grinder.

Compare to gypsum partitioning, MDF and plywood partitioning, aluminum glass partitioning, it is much stronger.

It’s sound proof, so it can make your office and room more confidential.

Suitable for :

All non-weight-bearing wall and partitioning for office, residential house, shopping mall, hotel, school, hospital, warehouse etc. Kitchen slab, light weight roof house external wall etc.

Wall panel has been used in China, United States, Japan, India, Iran, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. It will be more popular in the future.



YOU TUBE INSTALLATION DEMO VIDEO Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNMuMNOaWWo and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFlYmkrAtyk

Prices and Details
Name of productSize(mm) L x W x THPrice per pc Ex-NairobiPrice per Sqm Ex-NairobRemarks
EPS sandwich Wall Panel2270x610x60Ksh 2500/pc USD 29.00/pcKsh 1,810/Sqm USD 21.00/SqmAvailable
EPS sandwich Wall Panel2270x610x75Ksh 3000/pc USD 34.90/pcKsh 2174/Sqm USD 25.28/SqmAvailable
EPS sandwich Wall Panel2270x610x90Ksh 3500/pc USD 40.70/pcKsh 2536/Sqm USD 29.50/SqmAvailable
Hollow Wall Panel2700x605x90
Length can be ordered by customer
Ksh 2532/pc USD 29.48/PCKsh 1550/Sqm USD 18.04/Sqm



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